Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad . Honey Mustard Dressing

I may have found my niche!

I was seriously struggling with blogging until I shared a recipe in my last post, and talked a little about how changing my diet has been beneficial to my health. I so enjoyed that. I love cooking, photographing food, and the whole enchilada (no pun intended). Since living with chronic illness for over thirty years, and dealing on a constant basis with extreme food sensitivities, it’s just second nature for me to talk about food and health in the same sentence.

So, I expect a lot of my future posts will be food and health related. I totally understand the subject may not be of interest to all of my regular readers, but I hope some of you will stick around and share your healthy living tips with me.

Food is a gift from God.

Then God said, Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; Genesis 1:29

And later, after the Flood, God adds animals: Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant. Genesis 9:3

The beauty, color, and variety of the food we have been blessed with absolutely boggles the mind. God is incredibly creative!

If your food budget is small, as mine is, with a little thought about color and presentation simple foods can look, smell, and taste divine. After all, we eat with our eyes first!

I used to believe that I couldn’t “afford” to eat healthy. Now I know I can’t “afford” not to! Since cutting out fast food, prepackaged convenience foods, soft drinks and other sugary concoctions, I realize I can do very well on my small budget.

In future posts I’ll write even more about eating healthy for less.

I love, love, love salads. Even in winter. During the colder months I rely on more seasonal produce like cabbage, kale, turnips, beets, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, citrus fruit, etc. By doing that it affords me the joy of buying organic spring mix when it’s on sale, out-of-season frozen veggies, and grass-fed meat.

There is always something in my fridge and pantry that I can throw together to create a salad. I don’t waste money on premade salad dressings. I can whisk together a delicious and cost effective dressing in only a few minutes with a minimum of pantry staples. I like knowing what is actually in my food, and by making my own dressings, is one way I can be assured of eating good oils and other wholesome ingredients.

copyright Betty Jo Martin 2014 - Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad

copyright Betty Jo Martin 2014 – Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad

Following are the recipes for one of my favorite salads and dressing; Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing. This salad is very versatile, you can replace many of my ingredients with your favorites; raisins for cranberries, almonds or walnuts for the pecans, yellow or green onions for the red, any kind of greens and cheese you might have on hand, you can even use tuna in place of the chicken if you prefer.

Whatever you do, give thanks for your salad, be creative, have fun with it, and enjoy that feeling of eating something beautiful and healthy, even if it’s snowing outside.

copyright Betty Jo Martin 2014 - Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad

copyright Betty Jo Martin 2014 – Nutty Cran-Apple Chicken Salad

Click on recipe, then right click and choose Save Image to your own computer.


Bon Appétit,

Betty Jo

I added my post to Beverly’s fun Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.


  1. This looks delicious!

  2. That is an amazingly delicious and healthy sounding salad. I love the simplicity of the dressing. I am going to try it.

    1. Hi Patti, Awesome and I hope you enjoy it!!

  3. Betty Jo, this looks and sounds delicious. I know my family would love it.♥ Thank you for sharing.

    And, there is pink. Why not come share it at Pink Saturday?

    1. Thanks Beverly!! I hadn’t noticed the pink until you pointed it out. :)

  4. I eat salads year-round too, Betty Jo.
    I could absolutely live on them.
    This one sounds (and looks) wonderful, and so healthy too.

    Thank you so much for sharing it here!

    1. Lisa I’m with you, I could live on salads too! Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  5. Wonderful post. We make our own salad dressings too. So much better!

    1. Awesome Hazel! It’s healthier and more economical to do so.

  6. Understand fully about food intolerances Betty Jo … congratulations for your ‘new’ foodie blog adventures … Praying you are well as well can be in Christ Jesus :-). Haven’t heard from Carolyn for a long time ??? xxx

    1. Liana I wondered if you too have food intolerances. Thank you for your prayers. Carolyn is now living with her sister in another state, and isn’t online a lot, due to her own struggles with illness. I will tell her you asked about her.

      1. Yes do have problems Betty Jo … sad for all who have problems with intolerances or allergies as sometimes eating isn’t enjoyable; but I praise God for the food we have and think of all those who would give anything to have something to eat. Lord, please help them and provide sustenance for them … thank you so much about Carolyn, she sent me an email xxx

  7. Floyd · · Reply

    Good for you, Betty Jo. I think all of us need encouragement to remember and resist the food that satisfies temporarily. I had now idea how right “they” were when “they” said, “You are what you eat.”

    1. Floyd I had no idea they were right either when they said “You are what you eat!” At least I didn’t understand that statement until many years down the road. But, I’m realizing the truth of it more and more every day.

  8. susan4sw · · Reply

    Hi Betty, I enjoyed the recipe, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Susan!!

  9. createdforajourney · · Reply

    You are such an encouragement. I too am trying to eating healthy and sometimes it’s a real challenge….Your salad looks delicious and I plan to try it very soon…..

    1. Thank you Nancy. Baby steps are the way to learn to eat healthy.

  10. Oh, Betty Jo! This sounds sooooooooooo good! Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely be printing this out! What are coconut aminoes and where do I find them? Thanks so much!

    1. Vicky if you like coconut don’t miss my easy Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars in my last post. I’m switching to coconut aminos because I have a sensitivity to soy and am using it in place of soy sauce. Most soy products are GMO and not good for us anyways, so I’ve stopped eating it. I bought my first bottle of aminos at Whole Foods, but now that I know I like and tolerate it well, I’ll be ordering online from Amazon as it’s much cheaper.

  11. Pretty lunch! Can’t wait to read yiur article on eating healthier for less :)

    1. Thanks Kimmie! Eating healthier for less is getting to be a full-time job for me, so I might as well write about it!!

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