Hallelujah, “He is risen!“ Jesus is on high! Burst the bars of death asunder; Angels shout, and men reply: He is risen, He is risen, Living now, no more to die. Luke 24:6-7 (NKJ) He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee, saying, The Son […]


Just prior to my move I took these cute shots of my youngest granddaughter, Ashlee Jo, playing in the park with an old phone. She is such a little drama queen! And I love, love, love the freckles sprinkled across her nose! This weekend we will be celebrating her tenth birthday!! (Where did the time […]

The Precipice_TC Avey

My friend T. C. Avey has published her first novel! Congrats T. C.!! I’ve gotten to know T. C. as a sister in Christ through her blog, Wisdom of a Fool. For several months I’ve read T. C.’s posts, and witnessed her love for our Lord, Jesus Christ. I’ve had the privilege of reading T. […]


I adore spring! A favorite part of spring is the way God weaves these gorgeous little Violets (Viola odorata) into my lawn. These beautiful flowers are members of the Violaceae (Violet) Family. Since it’s windy out today, and raining tomorrow, I decided to bring a few of the beauties inside to photograph and to share with […]

Tahini Sweet Potato and Banana Pancakes by Betty Jo Martin

What a joy this week to find one tiny patch of Grape Hyacinths in my lawn! I’ve never had any before and I love them! Since mowing has already begun here, I picked these bluish purple beauties and brought them inside. I found myself craving pancakes recently. Since I eat gluten free, and healthier these […]

Hi Everyone! Six months of preparation and moving day is now behind me. Thanks to Betty Draper for the use of the fun moving-day photo! Thanks for your prayers too. The move went smoothly, and it was fantastic driving back into the mountains I love knowing I’ll be calling this area home again after eighteen […]


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