Brestrogen Review – My Experience with Brestrogen

Hey there, I’ll be sharing my experience with brestrogen and how it worked out for me.

Well, for those of you who don’t exactly know what brestrogen is.

Brestrogen is a breast enhancement cream in which the main ingredient is Pueraria mirifica, which is a phyto-estrogen and thus the product is named brestrogen.

What makes Brestrogen better than its alternatives like Breast actives is that it’s 100% natural and you do not have to take any pills to see the results.

It’s as simple as applying the cream two times a day and you’ll start seeing visible results.

You can watch this video by Ashley from BrestrogenXP.


I used Brestrogen for around 6 weeks before I actually started feeling the lift and perkiness retain but that is different for every women because of their different body types and hormonal shifts.

However for optimum results I would recommend you to test it out for at least 12 weeks.

Benefits of using Brestrogen

Apart from being super effective in lifting your breasts, making them firmer and giving them a more natural shape, what I like about Brestrogen is that the cream has a pleasant smell and quickly gets absorbed in the skin so I really don’t have to deal with a mess.

Moreover, I just apply it once before going to the office and once after my shower at night and that’s it.

Who is Brestrogen for?

Women like us lose their perfect figure due to a lot of various reasons like:

1. Ageing

2. Pregnancy

3. Nursing

4. Weight loss/gain

Now, if you’ve ¬†experienced a change in size or shape of your breasts due to any of these reasons then Brestrogen is the right answer to your problems.

How much does it costs?

Brestrogen comes in various packages.

You can buy the single bottle for $124.85 and two boxes for $239.95.

However, you get the best deal if you buy a pack of 4 (3+1) that is available for just $339.85.

Brestrogen Packages and Pricing

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