How to Avoid Over Eating When You Binge..


A questions most readers more often or not ask is how they can resist their temptation to have another cookie and actually just stop at 1. So below in this article I will provide you with tips that will actually help you avoid eating more than one cookie.

The most important thing is Balance

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that your ability to actually stop yourself after one cookie has no connection with the fact that you’re more disciplined than other people or not. All of this has nothing to do with discipline. You do not have to depend on self -control to stop yourself from eating what you really want, instead what you really need to do is try and find out a way to work your favourite food items into your day.

In the morning once you wake you should consider eating something with a lot of proteins such as a little chicken breast, some scrambles eggs, grilled cheese sandwich, quesadilla etc. In the afternoon if you’re working out you can grab a cookie and some protein shake. All of this will help you balance your diet. If you eat something sweet you should probably eat something with proteins along with eat.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you should not just consider your eating habits on a daily basis but in case you have the whole week plan you should keep that in mind too.



In case you have date or a birthday party is coming up you should consider maybe not drinking throughout the week and wait for the day to come. This is called delayed gratification. Delayed gratification is actually a planned approach and will help you remain healthy. It is easier to control when using diet inhibition supplements like Phen375, but make sure you get advised by a physician while using such medication.

A Cookie is nothing but a Cookie only

In case you are person who finds it hard to stop at one cookie, below are a few question that you should think about.

  • How restrictive are you with your food selections?
  • How often do you put cookies off limits?
  • How do you feel when you see cookies? Do you feel anxious, nervous or stressed?
  • What is it that you do while you eat cookies? Are you simply sitting down focussing on your cookie or are you busy with some other activity?
  • What would be the consequence of eating a cookie each and every day?

Keep in mind that one cookie won’t make you fat. If you love cookies eating one extra isn’t a problem. The problem arises when you eat everything that is available on the plate. When it comes to food make you do not listen to everybody and anybody.

In short what you really need to do in order to stop at one cookie is the following

  • Do not keep cookies restricted.
  • Try to balance your urge to eat cookies with your everyday diet. Do not over eat anything.
  • Only consider eating cookies that are really awesome, there is really no point is eating a mediocre, bad cookie?
  • It is really important for you to remain focused.

Want to learn to make healthy cookies?

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Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer Review


Are you looking for a fitness machine that offers advantages of both cycling as well as an elliptical trainer workout? Well then I guess the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical trainer is ideal for you. This elliptical trainer helped me regain my fitness in just a couple of weeks.

Apart from that it also helps me cut down on the high gym fees and I never have to worry about the conditions outside for my workouts. Spend an hour on it and you will lose around 500-1000 calories. It has all features needed for a full body workout and will not empty your pockets too since it will cost you less than $200.

So are you interested in this elliptical trainer? Then check out the specs below.


The dimensions of the Body Rider BRD2000 elliptical trainer are 36 x 20 x 58 inches. It comes with a stride length of 13 inches. Hoping for a lightweight machine for easy moving? Well the BRD2000 weighs just 57 lbs. The user weight this trainer can take is around 250 lbs.



Assembly of the trainer

Think it might take a lot of time to setup both the machines? Well surprisingly even though the BRD2000 is a dual trainer it is simple to put together. Yes most of it will come assembled which makes the process simpler and less stressful.

Apart from that all the tools as well as the parts needed like the bolts, screws, knobs, wrenches and so on come with the package itself. It took me 45-50 minutes to setup this trainer. In case you still have a problem or are confused you can refer to the detailed instruction manual provided in the package.

Features provided

Are you short or tall like me? Well with the stride length of 13 inches that is not a problem. Changing the resistance is also quite simple since the knob is conveniently placed and thus you can vary the intensity of your workouts without having to stop it.

Quick resistance change will also help you build stamina and strength and lose weight efficiently. The weight capacity of 250 lbs makes it ideal for obese users wanting to get back into shape.

I prefer to keep a track of my workout sessions but do you? If yes then you will find the electronic console that comes with the BRD2000 quite handy. It is quite easily visible and provides accurate reading of important workout related stats such as the time elapsed, calories burnt, time covered and distance covered.




Yes the features may not be as fancy as some of the other elliptical trainers but keep in mind that it is a dual trainer with good features for below $200. In my opinion it is a bargain.

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5 reasons you must run a half marathon


Half marathons have gained a lot of popularity over the years but have you taken part in a half marathon yet? If not do you plan to run a half marathon anytime soon? Well in case the answer is a no again, below in this article I have covered 5 reasons why should run a half marathon.

To remain motivated

If you are a regular running I am sure you can over distances like 4-5k quite easily but has that made running slightly boring for you? If yes then a half marathon is an ideal solution.

Running marathons is not easy and needs a lot of training and thus will help you remain motivated towards your training sessions. Still feel de-motivated at time? Think of how it would be if you cannot complete the race or have to back out from it completely. Make sure you warm up! I use resistance bands for my warmups but you can do 15 burpees and you’ll be good to go.

Encourages calorie burning

Are you serious about winning the marathon? Well then you will have to put in loads of hours and run long distances which will ensure you burn a lot of calories.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you do not end up eating more after a long intense run. Keep a check on your calorie intake and make sure it less than what you have burnt especially if you want to lose weight.



Better health

Well do you want to keep away health or heart related problems at bay? Well half marathons are a good way to ensure that because when you train for a half marathon you need to run a lot and running improves your heart rate, the blood and oxygen flow in your body etc.

It also lowers blood pressure and keeps tabs on cholesterol levels. It will also improve your immunity which in turn improves germ fighting and other body functions.

Gives you bragging rights

Many people do run half marathons but did you know most of them are never able to complete it. Complete a half marathon or do even better actually win it and you will have all the bragging rights you need.

Want to be a half marathoner? Well train hard, eat well and run better and someday you will be a part of this special running group.

Learn new routes

Well I usually preferred to run small distances but taking part in a marathon forced me to look for other running areas as well and I love the options I have now. So if you are tired of the same old routine run and need a change look for new areas.

Do not know where to look? Do a quick search for any good area around you or take advice from other runners in your area.

Need help pacing your marathon run?

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5 Foods that are Making you Sick!

I am sure many people may have told you about what you should be eating in order to stay fit but have they told you the foods you should leave out or at least limit? If not then you are in the right place. Want to know what these foods are? Find out below.


Love bagels? Well no good news for you then because bagels contain huge amounts of glycaemic index. Glycaemic index can raise insulin levels in the body and also increases the chances of inflammation. This may result is quicker aging, can make your acne worse and also rosacea.

Want to have just 1 bagel? Still not a good idea since a single piece has 2-3 serving of carbs which can result in quick weight gain.




Cereals are usually good for breakfast but are your cereals sugared? If yes then I guess it is time for you to make a change. Sugared cereals contain sugar and gluten which is known to cause inflammation in the body and trust me almost all sugary cereals are equally bad.

Gluten can cause skin breakout and inflammation in the stomach lining which can cause stomach aches. Want to avoid it? Then replace your sugar cereals with my breakfast favourite i.e. oatmeal.



French Fries

Well this one might be a tough one to leave out but French fries like chips are fried using oils and trans fat and contain glycaemic index which as mentioned above can cause inflammation and raise insulin levels in the body which is bad for health and also your waistline.

French fries have acrylamide, confused? Well it is a carcinogen which is usually formed due to frying at a high temperature and can cause health issues such as cancer.



Fast foods

As if French fries wasn’t enough you will have to reduce your intake of fast foods too such as burgers. Why burgers? Well that is because the meat used in the burgers is 1-10% less of the real meat. Wondering what the rest is?

The other things used are water, bones, cartilage and some other stuff that can have a negative impact of our health. Apart from that burgers are also rich in trans and also some saturated fats.

Juicy bacon cheeseburgers

Microwave popcorn

Are microwave popcorns your favourite snacks when watching a movie or your favourite TV show or football match? It is time for a change then. Popcorns have carcinogens which can cause cancer.

Apart from that the bags used have added Perfluoro chemicals, or PFC’s so that they are grease proof. This can result in thyroid problems, ADHD etc. Diacetyl is present in the fats of the popcorn which is again another cancer causing element. So the next time you need a snack thing of something healthier.



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Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Review

Do you want new running shoes? Do you prefer the brand Nike?

If yes then I have the perfect running shoes for you i.e. the Nike Zoom Pegasus 31. I bought these shoes a couple of months back and I like running in them.

Nike Pegasus 31

I generally prefer light, low profile shoes but since I have bought the Pegasus 31 which is a higher drop shoe I have realised that they perform equally well and if by chance you have liked the previous model i.e. the Peg 29 I am sure you will like this one too. It is definitely an upgrade on the older model. Want to know more about it? Read below


I am quite happy with the specs of the Peg 31. It is built quite nicely and comes with a lot of cushioning. The shoes weighs around 10.5oz which quite light. The stack height of the heel is 31mm while the forefoot has a height of 18mm. Want to measure it? Well that can be though because of the integrated upper liner.


Ride provided

One thing I really liked about the peg 31 is that when you run it hardly feels like a high drop shoe. Wonder why? Well that is because it is quite soft as compared to some other high drop shoes. The zoom air unite below the feel performs really well.

As compared to the peg 29, the forefoot support provided is way better. I wouldn’t suggest you to run a marathon in these shoes but for you every day running sessions these shoes are ideal.

Upper and fitting provided

As for the fit of the shoes initially when you wear them and sit they might feel slightly tight but once you stand up the sole compresses and it does loosen up a little. In case you feel it is slightly tight you can change the insole with a slightly thinner one.

Apart from the ride I also liked the upper of the peg 31. Do you want shoes that look good? Well then there is hardly any shoe better than the Peg 31. The engineered mesh in the forefoot provides better fit and the shoes feel comfortable even without socks.


The outsole of the shoe comes with rubber at the bottom of the shoes which is good since it will provide you with better stability and durability. The outsole has horizontal breaks. The good thing about this is that it makes the shoe fairly flexible.




Overall I am quite happy with the way the Peg 31 has performed. Apart from that another reason to but this shoe is its low cost. The Peg 31 will cost you less than $100 which in my opinion is a bargain.

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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong on your Daily Run


Do you get the feeling that your running workouts are incomplete or do you end up with too many injuries? Well then you probably are doing a few things wrong. Wonder what? To help you figure that out, below in this article I have covered a few running habits you must avoid.

Wrong arm movement

Have you been swinging your arms close to your chest when you run? Well then you are doing it wrong. This way you are wasting precious energy since your upper body needs to work more. It also makes breathing difficult since you might often hunch over.

So what is the right arm movement? In my opinion you should be moving it back and forth. Concentrate more on your arms. Keep them slightly low and I am sure you will get it right soon.



Avoiding sunscreen

Do you avoid putting on sunscreen because you feel it may not be that important or because it is not sunny outside? If you are serious about skin protection then sunscreen is a must.

I prefer to apply water sunscreen since it provides better protection since it guards against both UVA and UVB rays. Planning to run long? Then I would suggest you carry some extra sunscreen along with you.

Not hydrating enough

Have you been ignoring water stops in races to save time? Think again. When you sweat your body loses water and if you do not hydrate properly you leave yourself vulnerable to injuries and other heat related issues.

Do you run more than 25-30 minutes? Then staying hydrated is very important. I would suggest you drink little each time you are thirsty or feel the mouth is too dry.


Ignoring your body

Have you been ignoring pain? Well often we runners think it is brave to carry on when in pain but that is not the case. Pain signals a problem in our body that needs to be treated and ignoring it can only make the problem worse.

So the next time you feel pain or a cramp give it a rest even if it means taking a couple of days off. Visit your physician and get the issue resolved before returning back to training.

Concentrating too much on running

Do you feel only running more and more will make you better? Not really. You need to balance out running along with a few other training programs if you are serious about your fitness and development.

I got better at running when I included strength and weight training exercises to my routine. Run 4-5 days in a week and on the remaining days focus on other workouts. Not interested in more workouts? You can also consider fun activates like cycling and swimming.

Still need more tips?

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How to Avoid Gaining those Extra 5 Pounds this Summer?

Are you scared you might gain too much weight in the summers due to all the ice cream treats and holidaying? Well most of us are usually very well prepared for weight gain in winters but end up ignoring the summers. Here in the article I have listed a few tips to help you avoid weight gain during this summer.

Get active

Are you on a vacation? Do you plan to spend all the time relaxing on the beach? If yes I guess it is time to get a little active.

If you spend all the time lying down on the sand you will end up gaining significant amount of weight. So what can you do? Well I prefer to go for a swim. You can try out kayaking or go on a hike or anything you like that will help you burn calories.



Eat healthy

I love eating pasta since it goes really well with a few other foods as well. I am sure you do too but regular pasta can result in weight gain.

I usually prefer to eat whole wheat pastas and breads since they contain fewer calories with low fat dressings. Do not like pasta? Well then I would suggest you try out coleslaw or a simple salad. Just remember to use no fat ingredients for it.

Drink right

Keeping tabs on your drinks can be difficult especially if you are on a holiday. Drinking a cold drink during extreme heat is good but drinking to many high calorie drinks such as soda drinks, alcohol etc. well not so good.

Wondering what you should be drinking? Drink as much water as you can and if possible add lemon to it. Does that seem too boring? Then you can try out a few sugar free or low fat drinks and juices.


Eat fruits

The best part of a meal is often desserts, right? But if you are serious about weight loss or want to maintain your weight during summers keeping tabs on the dessert is important.

I love fruits so I enjoy a dessert that contains a lot of fresh fruits. Watermelon is the best fruit for summers in case you ever get hungry. Why? Well that is because it contains water that reduces hunger and is also low in calories.



Stop binging during parties

Do you plan on going or a picnic or a barbecue party? Well I am sure there is going to be a lot of food there but instead trying to gobble it all down it is best you stay smart especially if you are worried about your fitness.

Start off with a small portion and come back again if you want more. Spend more time with people rather than with food.


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Montrail FluidFlex 2 Trail Running Shoes Review

Do you plan on going trail running? Well do you have the right trail running shoes? If not the then you should definitely get a pair and the one I would suggest is the Montrail FluidFlex 2 trail shoes. Trail running is not easy and there are loads of ways you can pick up an injury and thus having the right shoes is very important.

I have used the Montrail FluidFlex 3 trail shoes before I think they are ideal irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert. Want to know more about these shoes? Below I have covered all the spec and other details you should know about the Montrail FluidFlex 2.



The specs of the FluidFlex 2 are impressive and what I liked the most is that it is quite light. The shoe weighs around 8.3 oz. which is amazing. The height of the heel is 22mm while the height of the forefoot is 17mm. The specs of the shoe make it the ideal shoe for all kinds of trails.

Upper and fitting provided

Want a simple looking upper? That is exactly what you will get with the FluidFlex 2. No fancy stuff but it still looks good and is a much needed change. The upper comes with 2 unique meshes. The sides and front have a slightly open mesh while the remainder of the shoe has a more dense mesh.

Want better toe protection? The bumper near it provides exactly that. The upper has enough breathing room and also dries up relatively faster. The only problem for me was that it missed some important features that would be useful on harder trails.




I love the midsole of the shoes and I am sure you will too. The shoes come with an EVA midsole. Montrail calls it Fluidfloam. The material used is very similar to the one used in Adidas’s Boost model. The cushioning provided is soft and is also quite responsive.

Back of the heel is slightly rounded and raised. The shoe is ideal for different but slightly smoother trails especially if you plan to vary your speed a lot during each run.


If you plan on running simple trails the outsole does provide good traction even during wet conditions. The midsole is quite soft which adds to the flexibility which is turn raises the contact area since the shoe can adapt well to the surface. The problem for me with the midsole was that it did not remove the mud as well as I thought and there were some minor issues with fit after some miles.




Yes there maybe a few minor issues with the FluidFlex 2 shoes but overall the shoes are impressive especially if the trails you run on are slightly smooth. Apart from that the shoes will cost you less than $50 which is good news.

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Mad Dogg Athletics Spinner Blade Commercial Spin Bike Review

When it comes to professional fitness machines there is hardly any machine that is better than the Mad Dogg Athletics Spinner Blade Spin Bike. If you spent an hour exercising on this spin bike you can burn around 1200 calories which is amazing. If you want to live a fit and healthy life and keep diseases away this is the spin bike you should buy. It will give you the comfort and workout of a gym right at your home.

Spinner Blade Spin Bike is manufactured by Mad Dogg Athletics. This company is very well-known and produces some of the most efficient fitness machines there are. A good thing about this company is that it manufacturers products for people with all types of budgets.

It’s established in around 80 countries. Mad Dogg Athletics aims at providing top class customer services. Apart from the Spinner Blade other well-known spin bike models manufactured by Mad Dogg are spinner fit, spinner pace etc.



The dimensions of the Spinner Blade Spin Bike are 56.5 x 21 x 40 inches. This spin bike is slightly heavy and weighs a total of 126 lbs. It can take a maximum weight of 350 lbs which is quite a lot and it is quite strong since it is made up of aluminium and steel.

The seat and handlebars can be adjusted. It comes with wheels and also a water bottle holder.


On big advantage you will have with the Spinner Blade Spin Bike is that it is very simple to set up. Even if you are not very good at assembling things you will not have to spend a lot of time assembling this spin bike.

According to most users assembling this bike should not take more than 45 minutes. In the package you will find all the parts and tools like the Allen Wrench, screwdriver etc. needed for the installation.

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There is hardly any spin bike that has user weight capacity equal to the Spinner Blade Spin Bike. This spin is known for its strength and stability. The strength of the bike makes it safe for you to even stand and cycle.

The 38 lbs flywheel of this spin bike helps make your workouts more comfortable and ensures that your body gets the workout you want. The seats and handlebars are well-padded and also can be adjusted to best suit your comfort. The SPD pedal this spin bike comes with offer an excellent grip and can fit all kinds of shoe sizes.

The Spinner Blade Spin Bike also has wheels and thus shifting it from one place to another should not be a problem for you. When you buy this spin bike you get spinning DVD’s free with it which are actually quite helpful.


The Spinner Blade Spin Bike may not be as cheap as some of the other spin bikes out there and will cost you $1,695 but when you use this spin bike you will not regret spending the money you have.

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